Matrix – Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do
1984 (no label)
West Point, Kentucky, USA

Dale Thompson
Troy Thompson

Side 1:

  1. Hero’s
  2. Now He is Gone
  3. Remember Me
  4. Now You See Me (Now You Don’t)
  5. All Hallow’s Eve

Side 2:

  1. Slipin’ Into the Light
  2. We are Going to Make It
  3. Forever in Darkness
  4. He’s a Flyer
  5. Follow Your Heart

This is a well-known demo of band that was signed and changed their name to Bride. Since they have released all these songs on various demo collections, why include it here? Because a lot of the information out there is wrong. Some of those collections claimed to have all of the songs on two of the Matrix demos when they really didn’t. Some websites made song lists from those collections assuming they were correct when they really weren’t. The song list above is the correct song order. Some earlier compilations replaced “Now He is Gone” with “Fright,” “Forever in Darkness” with “Look at Me Now,” and “Follow Your Heart” with “What Must I Do.” The three songs used to replace the original ones were from the Matrix demo Silent Madness. Several of the songs here made it on to later Bride albums. “Now He is Gone,” “Forever in Darkness,” and “Follow Your Heart” were re-recorded for Show No Mercy in 1986. “Heroes” was re-recorded for Live to Die in 1988. “All Hallow’s Eve” was re-recorded for Silence is Madness in 1989. After saying all of that, I would still say this is a great early 80s metal demo – you can see why they were signed back in the day.

Missing Information: Who all played on this demo?

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