Situation Taboo – Crucified

Situation Taboo
1991 T-Bone Jive Music
Cibolo, Texas, USA

Phil Lovelady
Jon Rousseaux

Side 1:

  1. Sacrament
  2. Say It Again
  3. Doesn’t Matter
  4. Xing Wires

Side 2:

  1. Submission
  2. Crucified
  3. Just a Word
  4. Pearls to Pigs

This is where it all began for Situation Taboo. I have never been totally sure how to describe their sound – they call it “postmodern industrial,” but I am sure postmodernists would object to that. Industrial is the broad category, but they mix in some funk and alternative influences that you don’t typically see in the genre. Technically, this demo has no name listed. It also has “1991” listed as the date in several places. However the few discographies I have ever seen for Situation Taboo list their first demo as Crucified in 1990. They were probably referring to this self-titled demo in 1991, as an interview does refer to their next demo All Out as their second demo, released in 1992. I just call this demo Crucified here because that is one of the songs on here, and it probably will help people searching for it to find it. Plus, that could have been the name and they just didn’t put it on the packaging. Some bands do that sometimes.

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