Situation Taboo – All Out

Situation Taboo
All Out
1992 Texas T-Bone Jive / Flat Earth Artists
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Jon Rousseaux
Phil Lovelady

Side 1:

  1. S.A. Texas
  2. Center Peace
  3. All Out

Side 2:

  1. The Strength
  2. Live as Brothers
  3. In My Favor

This is the second demo from Situation Taboo. They continue to develop their postmodern industrial funk hip hop mash-up music. It’s a really cool sound, just hard to describe. They were probably one of the key bands in the Flat Earth Artists group, along with Love Coma, Sixpence None the Richer, and the various other groups that came out of different mixtures (Jon and Phil teamed up with Brian Reaves to create a band called Weeping Willow in 1993, for example). After this, they released another demo called Protorong, which was later re-released by Flyting Tart records as Protodemo. Then they released a part preview/part remix ep called Injecto Logos, finally leading up to their only full length release – Digitalis in 1997 on Flying Tart Records.

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